Software Development

We are a dedicated team of experts who can offer Software Development services to various kinds of businesses. We provide services to a wide range of industries like banking, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications among others.

The requirement of each of these industries is different, and our creative team can provide custom solutions to each of these according to their needs for the growth of their business. At our end, we have developed products that are outsourced, and we are proud of the fact that it has helped empower several companies. It is the experience of these experts in web development that has assisted in doing so. It is not only the IT companies but also the non-IT companies that we serve.

Outsource your Software Development project to us

Comtechrim mobile development
Mobile Apps Development

A small device like the mobile phone has become so handy in the world today that most of the people have started using and carrying it. This popularity can be attributed to the work of the experts offering mobile app development services. 79% of total internet traffic comes from mobile phone. businesses today cannot afford to miss and opportunity to get attention of mobile phone users. You have not one or two but millions of apps out there that can be used for different kinds of functions. You have an app for everything, you name it, and you have it. These apps have now revolutionized not only the business world but also the personal lives of individuals

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We as a mobile app development service provider have a creative team that works in producing numerous kinds of applications that offers cutting-edge services in this area. These apps can be used to simplify different types of processes in the diverse industries that run in the business world and also that can make the work of individuals easy. Nowadays it is seen that everyone has become dependent on mobile apps for different purposes in the business world. These can be used to reinforce their brand, accessibility, increase visibility, and also for seamless scheduling and so on.

Multiple and customized services

Different companies make mobile phones that work on different kinds of operating systems. So we need to build apps that are compatible with all types of OS from windows to iOS to android and so on. Whatever your needs are our experts have the required knowledge and skills to offer you the mobile solution to fulfill all your requirements. The experts develop Games, E-commerce, utility and many other types of apps at our end; you just name it and share your requirements, and our team will get it ready for you.

Why choose us

We are a team of experts that offer exclusive services in mobile app development. You can get feature rich and elegant apps made and developed by the skilled hands. These apps are functional and can be integrated with the existing business services and data. Our other services include

  • Swift, efficient planning, and creative designing
  • Remarkable user experience ensured for all customers
  • Experts at our end have years of hands-on experience
  • Customized app solutions for different kinds of OS from Android, iOS among others
  • A solution for cloud mobility
  • App prototyping as well as strategy

By making these apps we serve many different types of industries from healthcare to finances, and education, media, social network, travel among thousands of others.

The companies and individuals associated with us have benefited a lot, and a few can be listed thus.

  • Practical knowledge of the usage of different kinds of SDKs
  • Get highly refined apps and super web development service from experts
  • Round the clock backing and maintenance
  • Get hybrid, cross-platform, and custom mobile apps

This is not an exhaustive list but only a few of the benefits you get. So get in touch to know how we can help you to ease your work.

Opensource Customization

Computing devices are here to stay, and most people use these to do plenty of tasks during the day. From businesses to individuals, all are now dependent on these devices. And it is the software that is installed on these devices that help people do the tasks. There may be different kinds of software, but the open source software is one of those that are used the most.

For businesses, the right kind of software that fits its requirements as well as its strategies has to be found. We can help you find such software in the open source code. Our experts can customize the software for functionality, design, and so on, and then help integrate this custom application with any OS. This can be done for a massive business like e-commerce or even for a single service.

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This is possible because the open source provides great functionality as well as flexibility. All this incurs the minimal cost, and so is affordable even for a startup that is set up on a stringent budget. So those who make use of it can have some competitive edge over others and also foster innovation. The critical point is that it is customizable, and changes can be made by anyone on these whenever it is deemed fit.

Benefits of using open source customization

  • Cost-effective
  • Augmented portability
  • Decreased development time
  • Vendor neutrality
  • Specific need flexibility
  • Customer support for software updates and fixes on a long-term basis

These are some significant benefits you as a customer can avail from our end. We as a service provider give these benefits, and more to each, and every client so that their user experience is impressive.

Why choose us

From our end, we offer a complete gamut of open source services. This includes migrating of the existing systems to the open framework, customization, development, and implementation of open source software. We offer complete training as well as consulting services in this.

So for enterprise resource learning, e-commerce, content management, e-learning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, the point of sales, web application solutions, and many more functional areas you can contact us.

Your business requirements are reviewed as a start, and they are matched up with the open source software that is the best fit. Then it is customized, and the solution is implemented.

Services offered by us

  • Open source customization
  • Open source software integration
  • Design integration
  • Maintenance and support
  • Development of new feature
  • Other platform migration
  • Management of open source software

For all these services and more feel free to contact us, and give us a chance to serve you in the best possible way.

Comtechrim opensource development
Comtechrim web application development
Web Application Development

Every web application that is developed by our expert team is exclusive in business logic. Skillful architecture planning and flexible approach from our side help to achieve the balance that is necessary for stability and interactivity. Both the front-end and back-end developmental approach has been utilized depending on the need of the clients.

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Both of these need different languages and are used for different purposes. The web applications made by our experts are sturdy as well as intuitive, interactive, and also chic. For the front-end development HTML, CSS, Ajax and so on are used, and the framework for these is bootstrap, backbone, meteorJS. For back-end development PHP, Python, Java, .Net etc. are used. The frameworks are Laravel, Pyramid, Symfony and so on.

Database development

Whether your business already has a database, and then need integration, or you are undecided on the initial database of the app, the skilled hands at our end will find a solution for your business. This team will work on all kinds of databases like Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and many more.

All these are used to create different kinds of portals like e-commerce, enterprise systems, web portals, industry-specific solution for business, and so on.

Why choose us

Our approach for web app development will be varied according to the individual need. These can be distinguished as Single page apps and Progressive apps. So whatever kind of page we create we assure the best of services in designing. This will offer a web experience that is both impressive and secure. Also, cross-browser compatibility is also ensured from our side, and also care is taken that we live up to the high expectations of the users in both performance and agility.

The apps we build today have different kinds of features, such as:

  • Multi-screen compatible
  • User-friendly
  • Easily downloadable
  • Business insight
  • Smooth integration
  • Profound cooperation

With all these features combined with the impeccable service in web development from our side, you are in for exciting user experience. So what keeps you waiting? Contact us and avail the services at the earliest.