IT Infrastructure Management

We provide end to end IT Infrastructure Management for our clients. We implement customized  ITIL Processes that complements and empowers business units to deliver value to your clients. Each member of our consultancy team is a certified ITIL Expert and are experienced in process engineering. We will not just manage your IT Infrastructure but suggest improvements to your IT Processes. We have experience with powerful tools like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, Manage Engine IT360, Service Desk plus and others for IT Service Management.

Management and Monitoring

ComtechRIM Application Management
Application Management

The current business environment has become very complicated and volatile, and this is what has redefined the concept of Application Management Services. We, ComtechRIM are up to date with this concept and deliver value far beyond the regular back office support.

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Our application management services support business transformation through optimized speed, efficiency, cost predictability, real-time visibility and monitoring of operations. We have a holistic portfolio that includes flexible, adaptive, scalable and customized Application Management Services that drives performance and business value within a client’s IT framework.

Proven processes and resources for application maturity

Our application management services cover the full spectrum of technology services from the transition to transformation. Our industry best practices, flexible delivery models, and highly experienced AMS resources help design a customized model that caters to the unique requirements of your business and its objectives. We also collaborate with you through our steadfast customer support team to define and address your evolving service delivery needs.

Our application management services include:

  • Application Deployment
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration

IT Infrastructure Management also renders flexible delivery models with the right blend of onsite and offsite teams to meet your unique business needs such as:

  • Virtual Captive Unit
  • Managed Support Services
  • Offshore Development
  • Shared Services

Why choose us?

We are a value-based IT company which offers customers more than what they think from their application management services. As your strategic AMS partner, we integrate your IT environment with our accelerated transition framework which reduces transition efforts and cuts down on cost as well. Our innovative methods facilitate multi-vendor support projects.

Our customer specific technology innovation lab ensures consistency and maturity of applications to thrive in the new age technology landscape. We also have a 24*7 Global AMS delivery model and ITIL & ITSM Framework that enhances the business process cycle time and overall operational cost. We have an unmatched track record and a vast customer base that spans across industries that consider us a strong AMS player. We have alliances with major technology moguls such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP among others.

Our application service desk includes an initial investigation of issues, tracking and escalation management. The desk also offers user administration and service reporting. On the other hand, our production support involves analysis of the incident, incident resolution, trend analysis, root cause analysis, known error establishment and creation of RFC and break fixes that do not include code changes.

We provide middleware product support that includes user administration, application deployment, configuration management and patch management.

So, wait no longer. Get in touch with us, and we shall get started on your application development, and management needs right away!

Server Management

At ComtechRIM India Private Limited, we offer end to end services on IT Infrastructure Management, and we specialize in server management. We have good experience in Windows Server and Linux server configuration and complex networks. We have expert server administrator staff to cover 24/7 operations to ensure optimum performance.

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Our engineers are highly competent in selecting service packages that best cater to your company requirements. Whether you need to set the server from scratch, manage network infrastructure, secure your server or manage system framework, we take care of it all. We offer these services as part of our one-time-employment service and also provide completely outsourced result. Our primary objective is to meet your needs.

Our team shall work with you on-site or remotely in monitoring database servers and firewall servers on around the clock basis.

Our services include:

  • Server migration
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data backup and recovery
  • 24/7 server management and monitoring
  • Performance management
  • Custom Data Replication Solution
  • Server security management and optimization
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Problem escalation and callouts

Since businesses greatly depend on online presence, it is imperative to have a well-set server system. Recurring server downtime shall not only make your company lose out on potential customers but also existing customers to your competitors. Such issues can severely damage the reputation of your business.

We ensure that your servers and all your services are up and running at all times. This is why we focus on server management. We regularly update server software for your systems, apply security updates and patches, install and properly configure firewall, malware scanner, and antivirus to scan the server daily and weekly. Handling such tasks is not within the capacity of a single person. We have the resources to monitor your servers round the clock.

Customer Value Propositions:

  • 24/7 Support and Maintenance
  • Certified IT professionals
  • Increase in Performance Management and Monitoring
  • Low-cost Server Management Service
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Guaranteed 6 hour response time
  • Unlimited server administration time

We offer a one week trial period and provide our customers the full refund if they are not satisfied with our services. Availing our server management services shall allow you to focus less on server issues and more on the progress of your business. We help your company save up on time and significant costs. Our server administrators have years of experience and have worked on hundreds of servers of varying size and complexity.

Our server management team is 100% committed to your company’s success and satisfaction. We offer your companies online presence the backbone it deserves.

With unlimited administration tickets and guaranteed 24 hour resolution time, it does not get any better. So, have us set you and manage your server system right away!

ComtechRIM Server Monitoring
Network Management

At ComtechRIM, we provide professional IT support that keeps your network running at its very best. We offer comprehensive solutions designed to create and maintain networks, which include Core, Distribution and Access layers.

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As part of our solutions, we offer various functionalities related to network managed services and security. These functionalities are selected according to the needs and requirements of the customer. Our principal objective is to relieve the customer of any tedious activities, which relate to the management and administration of data networks. We offer both on-site and off-site network management services.

The scope of our services

  • The implementation of superior quality network solutions.
  • Advice on the selection of appropriate product based solutions.
  • Technical analysis and audits which involve inventory and review of a client’s existing networking solutions in terms of their effectiveness.
  • Designing and integrating structure that offers secure communication within the organization.
  • Designing and creating multiple network solutions such as LAN, WAN, WLAN, VPN, and MPLS.
  • Installation and configuration of network devices.
  • Equipment maintenance and ICT systems maintenance services.
  • IT networks management and monitoring services.

Why choose our services?

We offer the full spectrum of network management services which are based on the structure and needs of client companies.

Our LAN network services are designed to offer coverage over single office buildings or university campuses. This solution ensures that the user receives the highest available bandwidth within short connection distances. On the other hand, our WAN network services are designed networks with coverage over geographically dispersed locations or branches.

We offer comprehensive service for the initiation of wireless data Wi-Fi networks in locations indicated by the customer. The resulting solution provides access to the internet of network devices such as PCs, notebooks, PDAs, and smartphones among others. The solution can be supported by a secure access authorization platform for users.

Our satellite data transmission network is designed to cover locations with no other terrestrial communications. This type of network solution offers significant advantages such as mobility and network availability in virtually any location on the planet.

Benefits of our network management services

Our network management services offer consistent and scalable IT solutions with the possibility of their extension along with the changing business needs. On the other hand, choosing the optimal network architecture improves communication within the company while also enhancing the growth of productivity and efficiency of employees. It also helps reduce the expenses associated with transmission.

We ensure the efficiency and precision of your network management function and see to it that it is in sync with your provisioning processes. You can choose to outsource or update internal systems. Either way, we will help improve network visibility.

Need assistance with network management, then call us right away!

Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services is one of the top ranked cloud service providers in the world, and it has helped countless organizations reduce their operational costs to a great extent while also increasing business agility. AWS cloud services are changing the IT landscape which ranges from application delivery, storage and analytics and disaster recovery among others.

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We, ComtechRIM realize the real potential of AWS and specialize in its management by providing secure end-to-end AWS management services. Just like anything new, moving to AWS can seem overwhelming at first, but we encourage our customers to make the shift because the transition is rewarding in the long run. We possess the expertise of certified AWS managed service partners and can design, build and maintain an effective cloud mechanism that shall best cater to your company’s requirements.

We offer the full spectrum

We are one of the fastest growing AWS partners in the country and have designed and implemented flexible AWS frameworks for multiple organizations. Our AWS end-to-end management services significantly reduce the time taken to switch to the cloud. The shift to the cloud offers secure and scalable architectures or driving on-going optimization and cost savings.

We focus on workload while approaching the planning, migration and application process to ensure that the right applications are deployed securely and to the right environment. We have been building our services upon years of Software Assessment Management (SAM) best practices and have adapted our approach to driving on-going savings and improved administration with AWS cloud provider.

We believe that developing internal cloud skills plays a crucial role in attaining long-term success. Our managed services offer necessary support for your cloud environment. We do not only provide external services but also ensure that our clients receive on-going mentorship to develop internal cloud knowledge further.

Why choose us?

We are the next generation AWS managed service partners with proven expertise. As an advanced AWS consulting partner, we have helped hundreds of organizations adopt AWS securely. We have also delivered hundreds of cloud assessments that have helped clients determine present and future costs, risks and also prioritize for successful cloud migration.

We possess the AWS architecture and deployment expertise that you are looking. Our expertise runs deep and cross-disciplined across data center, hybrid cloud and public cloud platforms. Our certified service delivery engineers have over 10 years experience on an average to the cloud and its related technology. Moreover, we help clients maximize their return on investment through our optimized AWS performance.

So, if you want to improve performance while keeping costs predictable and contained, then get in touch with us right away!

ComtechRIM AWS Managed services
ComtechRIM ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
IT Service Desk

As a part of our IT Infrastructure Management offerings we also deploy a complete ITIL based IT Service Desk for our clients. We share our extensive experience of delivering end-user services on a global scale.

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We also have local service desks providing 24/7 access and support to customers independent of geographic locals. We understand that service desks need to be proactive in today’s IT environment and our next generation service desks offer far more than that. We do not just resolve issues but identify them from the root cause. We then prevent those problems from occurring again. We work with a sense and respond approach and apply what we learn from user feedback. So, we are always on the verge of developing new and improved processes.

The most current service desk management

The IT Infrastructure Management service desk offers way more than the standard service desk model. The service desk provides user-centric support service, and we render 24*7*365 personalized support service through single point contact. We encourage our users to self-serve and quickly jump right back to being productive.

Our service desk center provides:

  • Access and support at any time, from any location across any internet connected device.
  • We offer a single interface to keep the process simple, and it deals with all requests.
  • A personalized experience through user skill set, recognizing user device and also remembering previous requests.
  • Round the clock assistance with problem resolution which is a huge advantage to users working outside core business hours.
  • A single standardized point of contact across multiple channels.
  • Swift resolution takes the least amount of time to solve queries and issues and by soliciting very little input from the user.
  • Instant multi-device support.
  • Support for all business needs which range from human resources to IT.

IT Infrastructure Management as a company strives to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing technology and needs of users through our highly efficient service desk. Hence, our service desk is always ready to handle current and future business needs.

Why should you outsource your service desk to us?

While our next generation service desk makes use of the latest technologies, it also adapts to your changing user demands that are bound to occur with every business. The service desk can be easily integrated into end-user services portfolio or used as a standalone if the user prefers it that way. On the other hand, the service also allows you to balance cost and service by choosing between a dedicated or shared desk.

Benefits of using our service desk include maximum cost efficiency. Moreover, the user is bound to experience increased productivity, user efficiency, and lesser downtime.

Looking to outsource your service desk? Call us right now!

ITSM Implementation

Research goes to show that a significant majority of ITSM solution implementations turn out to be unsuccessful simply because there is a lack of right application assistance. At ComtechRIM, we understand that the application or replacement of ITSM solution is a significant transformation initiative that affects an organization at every level. Hence, it is imperative that organizations have a strategic plan for integrating critical business systems with ITSM product.

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Our team comprises of highly experienced IT consultants who are ITIL Experts and can assist you with the implementation of your desired ITSM suites. This ensures that your organization is able to optimize costs, minimize risks and also enjoy the high return on investments. It is our goal to provide expert assistance at every step starting from requirements elicitation up to post-implementation system enhancement.

Why choose us?

We work symbiotically with your team to determine the right approach that fits your business model like a glove. It is our earnest endeavor to cater to the unique requirements of your organization, and we are fully committed to the success of your transformation and work to attain an agile environment.

Our ITSM implementation solutions have an unmatched success rate simply because we align our solutions with your company’s strategies and long-term business objectives. We are experts at identifying customizations in your current systems that can be either made more efficient or removed with easily supported out-of-the-box processes. These processes are ITSM software enabled, and ITIL certified.

We render end to end implementation assistance which also includes system integration. Moreover, our robust process mapping capabilities ensure your IT costs are tightly wound up with your most valuable business services. We deliver end to end IT Service Management solutions to support and enhance your IT infrastructure.

Our services

ITSM Solution Implementation services include:

  • Workflow configurations
  • Form configurations
  • Reporting configurations
  • Infrastructure integration
  • Backup and Recovery configurations
  • User and Administrator training

Our enterprise application development services include:

  • Custom application development
  • Application integration and adapter development

We also offer remote administrative support for selective ITSM solutions as part of our virtual administrative services.

We like to keep our clients well informed. We ask clients about what processes and activities they want to automate or make more effective and why do they want to do this. Moreover, which processes would they like to stay manual is something we ask clients as well. These aspects along with other essential elements are something we clarify with clients before giving them an idea of the budget and effort involved with the problem area.

We help our customers to select the right tool for tackling particular issues. Since we possess in-depth knowledge of ITSM tools, customers enjoy reduced procurement cycle as a result.

So, if you have plans to implement ITSM, then give us a call right away!

Service Strategy

Define and build a strategy to prepare baseline service level requirement

Service Design

Establish best practices to build the service and organize, plan and communicate

Service Transition

Build, test and transition the service into production

Service Operations

Run the service and provide feedback to transition and inputs for improvements

Continual Service Improvement

Identify improvement areas and Plan Do Check Act on improvement Initiatives