Data Analytics

Companies have been spending fortunes on building the infrastructure to collect and store terabytes of data for years. With the advent of the cloud, companies have the option to switch to the platform which is very cost-effective and secure. Successful Big Data analytics strategies such as solutions offered by AWS provide companies a significant advantage.

Amazon Web Services offer a variety of tools for data analytics and allow customers the ability to process data in real time while also allowing them to implement machine learning for applications. AWS proposes five products namely Redshift, Data Pipeline, Kinesis, Elastic Map Reduce, and Machine Learning. These products are meant for cloud-based data analytics.

The AWS analytics portfolio is rounded off with third-party tools that help diversify and expand on the functions of the solution. Each of the products has been designed to support Big Data in their unique way, but customers need to fully understand what each product brings to the table to choose and implement the products that best cater to their requirements.

Our take on AWS

Big Data Analytics is being built and implemented using Amazon Web Services. It is being used by various industries now more than ever before. This is because Big Data Analytics allows the user to meet the ever-increasing volume being generated. With AWS, companies can leverage a complete end-to-end suite of big data solutions to meet their data needs objectively.

Our Big Data services with AWS provide solutions for the complete lifecycle of Big Data. Our on-cloud and scalable solutions range from the collection, streaming, and storage to using relational databases, NoSQL, managed warehouse, and real-time processing of data streams.


We offer durable, scalable, cost-effective, and accessible storage with AWS S3 irrespective of the type of data you choose to store. We also recommend the AWS Glacier service since it is well suited for long-term archival. On the other hand, if you need your block storage, then we highly recommend the AWS EBS service. As a whole, these solutions cater to any storage need.


If you are looking for a full managed Data Warehouse, then Amazon Redshift provides petabyte-scalable, fast solutions at a highly affordable price. The answer is enough to store any data and is coupled with Dynamo DB for NoSQL storage and managed RDBMS instances. So, a full spectrum is available for Data Warehouse in the cloud.

ETL Processing

Big Data workloads can quickly be run in the cloud with a framework such as the robust Apache Hadoop which comes with Elastic Map Reduce that serves as a managed and auto-scaling service. Vast streams of Big Data can quickly be processed in real time with AWS Kinesis; therefore, liberating you from the hassle of infrastructure.